Terms & Conditions


1.1. Customers are urged to confirm telephonic orders in writing by:

1.1.1. Email: nicky@thepaperchain.co.za or 1.1.2. Fax: 021 709 0802

1.2. The company will not be held liable for any omissions or errors in delivery where orders are not confirmed in writing.

1.3. Notwithstanding the above the company will, without prejudice, make every effort to rectify any errors or omissions which may result from the non- confirmation of orders by the purchaser.


2.1. The price of products will be in accordance with PaperChain quotation or price list ruling on the date of delivery to the purchaser.

2.2. PaperChain prices apply to PaperChain's standard products and include the cost of delivery.

2.3. All prices as quoted by PaperChain or as contained in PaperChain price lists exclude value- added tax.


3.1. In the case of a cash purchase PaperChain will not be obliged to deliver the applicable product until payment of the full price has been received by PaperChain.

3.2. Should the purchaser wish to purchase on credit, the purchaser must apply timeously to PaperChain for credit which may be granted within PaperChain's discretion after performing a full credit search based on information requested of the purchaser by PaperChain.

3.3. Where credit is granted the purchaser will pay the full invoiced price of product to PaperChain by the last banking day of the calendar month succeeding the month in which such product is invoiced, without delay, set-off or deduction. Such payment shall be made by bank cheque or in cash to PaperChain's address as stated on the invoice or may be made by bank deposit or transfer directly into PaperChain's bank account as detailed on the invoice.

3.4. Any payment which is overdue may bear interest at 4 percentage points above the publicly quoted prime overdraft rate.

3.5. Paperchain reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities granted where customers repeatedly fail to adhere to the above payment terms.


4.1.Product will be supplied by PaperChain in accordance with the provisions of the National Regulatory Specifications Act, 2008.


5.1. Where delivery of product takes place such delivery will be deemed to occur when the vehicle bearing such product has arrived and off-loading commences. The purchaser will be responsible for the safe and proper off-loading of such product.

5.2. Where required, PaperChain will endeavour to deliver orders placed by close of business of the day immediately succeeding the date of order provided such order is placed by noon of the order date and where the value of the order has a minimum value of R5000.00 including VAT. Delivery within the above period will be subject to stock availability, the volume of deliveries being made at that time and the ability of the purchaser to receive deliveries during normal operating hours including lunch and tea times.

5.3. Deliveries for a specific time of day cannot be guaranteed owing to traffic flows and the route required for general deliveries on the day in question.


6.1. Risk in respect of any product shall pass to the purchaser upon delivery in terms of clause 5.


7.1. Notwithstanding delivery of any product to the purchaser, ownership thereof will remain vested in PaperChain until the price thereof payable has been fully received by PaperChain.