Sappi Triple Green

Essential Green and SmartTouch ranges are made from Sappi Triple Green

What Is Triple Green?

The term "Triple Green" refers to both the procurement and the production process at the Sappi Stanger Mill in KwaZulu-Natal. The name is derived from a process that is based on three environmental 'pillars,' which make the paper produced here one of the most environmentally-sound in the world.

Triple Green significantly reduces the impact of papermaking on the environment and also ensures that sustainable forestry and procurement practices are maintained.

What Is Sugar Cane Fibre?

Sugar cane fibre is a by-product of sugar production. It is the fibrous material that remains after raw sugar has been extracted from sugar cane. As such, it is not only an annually-renewable resource but, as a by-product, it is also a recycled raw material.

Sappi Stanger Mill is one of only a few mills in the world that uses sugar cane as its primary source of fibre. On average, all products produced at the mill have a 60% sugar cane fibre content.

What Is "sustainable Afforestation"?

The term "afforestation" refers to the planting of forests (also referred to as "tree plantations"), usually for commercial purposes. Wood fibre derived from these forests is used in the production of paper, tissue wadding and dissolving pulp.

The term "sustainable afforestation" refers to the fact that this form of forestry is renewable and sustainable, with more trees being planted than those being harvested. It also refers to forest practices that don't make use of trees from ancient, rare, indigenous or rain forests.

What Is Elemental Chlorine-free Bleaching?

The term "elemental chlorine-free" (ECF) refers to the fact that no chlorine is used in the bleaching process.

Ecf Bleaching Has Big Benefits

It is particularly benign to the environment and paper treated in this way is more easily recyclable.

The use of chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide is internationally accepted as being environmentally friendly and complies with the stringent environmental regulations of USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) and WHO (World Health Organisation)

What Is Tissue Wadding?

Tissue wadding is tissue produced in various grades and grammages in reel form. This is converted to end-user requirements, e.g. toilet rolls, hand wipe towel rolls, tissues, kitchen towels and serviettes.